Ryan Gosling on Logan’s Run Remake (2012)



Deadline reports that Ryan Gosling will be reunited with his Drive director, Winding Refn, on a remake for the sci-fi hit Logan’s Run.

Based on the novel by William Nolan, ‘Gosling will play Logan 5, a “Sandman” whose job it was to put to permanent sleep those who try to escape mandatory death, the downside of the blissful existence in the domed city that protects the inhabitants who survived a 23rd Century apocalypse.’

Gosling has starred in a number of television shows, the hit movie The Notebook, and will be having a role in the upcoming Warner Bros. Crazy, Stupid, Love with Steve Carell.

Production for Logan’s Run begins this May and most likely will be in theaters sometime in 2012.

Blue Water Productions also publishes a Logan’s Run comic based off the novel, as well.