Ron Perlman Wants To Do Hellboy 3


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:7283:]]Though we just heard from Hellboy comic book creator Mike Mignola who said there is not going to be a Hellboy 3, Ron Perlman voices his opinions stating he thinks it should happen.

Of course things change in Hollywood all the time, and if Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim does as well as many are already stating it will do, Del Toro could be the next “hot” director.

It’s already thought Pacific Rim will be/is the reason for Warner Bros. green lighting the Justice League Dark film, so why not Columbia Pictures doing the same for Hellboy 3 as well.

Part of the reason for no Hellboy 3 has said to be the big budget aspect of the project, and from what Perlman told IGN, it does seem to be the case as it’s described as epic.

Ive been giving Guillermo body shots for two years. We both walked away from Hellboy 2 agreeing that there would never be another one. But, with the passage of time, it became clear to me that he really always designed it as a trilogy. He has a very well-articulated idea of what the resolve would look like and it’s amazingly theatrical and is epic in scope and would make for amazing cinema, with or without the first two movies.

But there are so many questions posed in the first two films that absolutely need to be answered. I said, ‘You owe it to the world to finish this trilogy.’ I’ve been giving him Jewish guilt.

Seems the fate of Hellboy 3 is up to the studio, perhaps they will take a gamble.

The first Hellboy grossed almost $100 million back in 2004, with Hellboy 2 raking in $160 million in 2008.