Rom The Spaceknight Returning To Marvel?


picA recent trademark was filed by Hasbro for Rom The Spaceknight on November 7th, which may signal not only a return to the action figure universe, but perhaps a return to the Marvel Universe as well.

Back in 1979, then Marvel EIC Jim Shooter came up with the basic premise for Rom, with Bill Mantlo fleshing out his ideas. Shooter came up with the name of Rom’s homeworld, Galador, as well.

While the comic book was called a success, with a 75 issue run, the toy Rom robot was less than popular.

However, that might be all changing with Hasbro as their trademark reads, “toy action figures and toy robots convertible into other visual toy forms.”

Rom was first put out by Parker Bros. and they approached Marvel to create a comic book to create some buzz surrounding the toy, but as stated, the toy sales tanked and eventually Marvel no longer held the license for Rom.

However, Marvel did still have the rights surrounding the supporting characters, which have been seen in comics with no specific reference or appearance by Rom.

Marvel most recently has been reprinting Jim Starlin’s SpaceKnights series, a spaceknight appeared in a recent issue or two of BendisAvengers, and DnA created a new Spaceknight for their Annihilators series as well as featured the Dire Wraiths.

So it would seem there is at least still some interest by Marvel.

As Hasbro has acquired Parker Bros. and appears to be looking to launch a new Rom The Spaceknight toy, will Marvel once again try to be promoting it with another comic book?

(Via CBR & Toyark)