Robert Pattison as Daredevil?!



We learned just a couple days ago that David Slade of the Twilight Trilogy is going to helm the new Daredevil reboot.

Now, it was reported earlier today by Moviehole that Robert Pattison is in talks to play Matt Murdock aka The Man Without Fear aka Daredevil.

Apparently, Pattison will be available – and of course – with his connection to Slade — its not hard to see Edward portraying DD.

Moviehole states it’s just “talk” for now, so I guess we’ll see what happens.

There is also some information in regards to Slade’s direction on the new Daredevil, as it’s stated via their source that he wants it to resemble the more recent super hero blockbusters.

“A ‘close cousin.'”

“It’s a bit Batman Begins. The bad guy will learn who Daredevil really is and tries to destroy him – but not via the usual methods.”

I’ve previously stated I am not a huge DD fan, but anyone is better than Affleck, imo. And I’ll be honest, I actually think Pattison is not bad of an actor.

I’ll be sure to ask our very own “DOC” what he thinks and get back to you.

So, Team Matt — anyone?