Review: X-Treme X-Men #6



Let’s face it: The fun of Exiles – and thus of Greg Pak’s new incarnation, X-Treme X-Men – is seeing alternate versions of our favorite characters facing alternate circumstances in some fun, brave new worlds.

This time around, in X-Treme #6, we get double the fun as we travel to Kid Kurt’s homeworld and also to a lush jungle planet where Ka-Zar might be at home and have some fun dino-wrangling!

I appreciate how Pak is trying to give some substance to our small rag-tag band, but even though we see the usual bully flashbacks from Kurt buzzing right into his world of human-hating machines, it is ironically Howlett and Daz who get the character build-up this time around and that crazy heartbeat for Herc continues for our general.

We also have that old-time battle for authority as Daz and Howlett want to go find Kurt while Xavier Under Glass wants to continue on with their multiversal mission of bashing his fellows. (I must say that the appearance of Xavier Head does make me miss the Professor in the 616.)

Danger and her Sentinels are fun and quite a threat, and one of our favorites (or an alternate thereof) pops up: Sage!

I wish I could say more about the art, but neither Raul Valdes nor Stephen Segovia is of the crisp, clear line that I think this book needs. Murky and muddy reign supreme.

Altogether, the Kurt bio is appreciated but the fun lies elsewhere in this tale of two worlds. But where else do you have that option but X-Treme X-Men