Review: X-Men #2 (Wood and Coipel)


Writer Brian Wood keeps things taught and tense at the Jean Grey School as a new villainess, in the body of Karima Shapandar, takes over the facility and its grounds through technology.

The viral villainess uses the Danger Room and the technology of the Jean Grey School to trap the individual X-Men, starting with Hank in his lab. She goes to toe-to-toe with Rogue in an unbelievably awesome display of the Southern Belle’s power, but Arkea is triumphant.

Hank’s brilliance is nowhere to be seen as he was really blasted early in the tale, but the X-women come through and, by stealth and with a little help from Sublime, Arkea’s brother, they’re able to subdue her. Or so everyone thinks until the shocking last panel.

Meanwhile, no one can find the infant Jubilee brought to the school last ish. Neither Rachel nor Betsy can pick up the infant’s thought processes, but later there he is, safe and sound, apparently the guise Arkea uses to get into the house.

Wood does a great job of keeping a frantic pace, and in this story Kitty Pryde is definitely both a star and the heroine. We have not seen Kitty this rough, smart and combative since she went head-to-head with an other-dimensional demon right after she arrived at the school.

All the other X-gals do fine, but it is definitely Kitty’s issue.

The art by Olivier Coipel and his teams of inkers and colorists do excellently, matching the fast-paced tenseness of Wood’s script. Just beautiful!

With its shocking final panel cliffhanger, I cannot wait for next issue.

This book is good!