Review: Warlord of Mars #30


Arvid Nelson’s tale of racism, subterfuge, personal betrayal and genocide ends here with the closing chapter of “Savages of Mars.”

A moving and action-packed conclusion awaits the reader as John Carter and his buddy, the suffering Tars Tarkas, battle elements, demons and former friends (Et tu, Talu?) to discover the secret behind what exactly has been going on with the Greens of Barsoom.

There is some funny dialogue in the adventure, but as usual Nelson keeps it straight and carries the saga in true Burroughs style.

Artists Rafael Lahelleas and Marcio Abreu do an incredible job at supporting Nelson’s script and actually adding to it with superb panel designs. In some scenes, really, these are truly spectacular! (John and Tars Tarkas’ initial revving through the waters and the bombastic beast’s appearance come to mind immediately.)

As a whole, “Savages of Mars” is one of the book’s more successful forays into Burroughs pulp sci-fi. As an issue, #30 represents one of Nelson’s (and the book’s) best issues to date.

Ya gotta love Tars Tarkas! Fun and involving adventure.