Review: War of the Green Lanterns: Aftermath #1


It is not easy to follow up on a book as momentous as Green Lantern #67, the end of the “War of the Green Lanterns” arc. I remember my disappointment with the issue following Jim Starlin’s great Captain Marvel arc, the first “Thanos War.”

But here, instead of a next issue of the mag, we get a two-part mini-series. And I must say, the results of War of the Green Lanterns: Aftermath #1 are far from disappointing.

Writer Tony Bedard, who has a particular talent for knowing well the voices of most of the Lanterns, takes a clever but cautious look at the new status quo on Oa as the Guardians bizarrely punish their savior (Hal Jordan) and reprimand his fellows who have just awoken from being Krona’s puppet killers. Even the loyal Salaak is not above rebuke!

The reaction of the before-Lanterns to all their new fellows (and their reaction to the vets) following the death of Mogo and the release of the “Krona rings” is as predicted, but there are some really nice character scenes here which I hope play out in later stories after the DC Relaunch.

Also predictable is reaction to a rogue ring’s choice (post-Mogo) of Sinestro as a Green Lantern. How these characters come to terms with that – in fact, how Sinestro himself comes to terms with that – should make very interesting material before and after September’s Green Lantern #1.

Particularly strong in this issue is John Stewart and his plans for Sinestro. I am certainly eager for the second issue of this mini and the stories that lie beyond!

Let me say that it is a pleasure to see the artwork of Miguel Sepulveda and Tyler Kirkham in this book. Bedard’s peeks here and there around Oa are handled deftly by the team, and the panel layout and facial expressions could not be better. The scene in which Ganthet and Sayd “reunite” (thanks to Saint Walker) is truly emotionally draining. Great job!

Don’t wait for September to jump on the GL bandwagon. There is great stuff in this mini that, I am sure, will be leading to bigger things down the road for all of our cosmic Corps members – Sinestro included!