Review: Uncanny Avengers #9


This is one of those stories that you love to read, that bring back memories of great comics summer annuals and worrying about your fave Marvel characters that things actually happened to.

Rick Remender must remember (wow, try to type that fast) those times, because, reader of his brilliant X-Force or not, you immediately get the feel from Wolverine’s delusion of heavy guilt and doom to come.

Remender does my favorite thing in Uncanny Avengers #9: he uses continuity not as a crutch or as a burden of limitation but as the natural order of things it should be, as a springboard for new stories. And that is just what these threads from his X-Force days are becoming here, much to my delight.

But don’t worry, Avengerophiles, we have the great juggler Remender not only tossing the X-ball up and down right from its great Claremont lineage, but also the Thomas/Stern/Busiek A-ball of the classic “classic” Avengers as Jan and Cap, Thor and Cap, Rogue and Wanda, and Logan and everybody argue to the point that it seems the team is split! (Anyone remember this is the Unity Squad??)

Then we have the great M-Word debate continuing in the training room as Wanda and Rogue go hot and heavy over what Alex said or didn’t say, meant or didn’t mean. Classic Claremont X-Men.

And this is the time Wonder Man fans have awaited! Pacifist or not, Simon’s arrival to “save” Cap at the hands of HYDRA and also his brief but very welcome discourse with the Beast are the best things to happen to the character since the Englehart/Milgrom West Coast Avengers days! Wonder-ful!

All writing signs are go! Did Marvel let some weak artist mess up the perfect comic? Nope! Daniel Acuna delivers on all fronts: masses of characters, facial expressions, busy backgrounds, cosmic scope, vile villains, powerful heroes, wondrous color palettes … All this and I haven’t even touched on Kang (always in the background) and the Apocalypse Twins.  (whew!)

I rarely do this, but however you want to say it – 5 stars, 10 out of 10 – Uncanny Avengers is THE perfect comic and, for me and many others, the new flagship of Marvel NOW!

Buy it!

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