Review: Uncanny Avengers #7



I can truly say I have not enjoyed Avengers so much since Black Panther and the Vision were the “new guys.”

Uncanny Avengers professes to be the blended result of Avengers vs. X-Men, but under continuity king Rick Remender issue #7 shows how this book has risen way, way above that “event” mish-mash.

While Jonathan Hickman is playing his long game with sci-fi plots and a toy chest of tin soldiers who barely acknowledge each other, Remender takes a taught group of Avengers (some of whom happen to be Homo Superior) and is as cosmic as you can get in #7’s opening pages while then handling the minutia of characters and continuity in the familiar confines of Avengers Mansion.

As Jan said in #5, it might not have Jarvis any longer, but it IS home.

The scenes between the characters, the inclusion of Starcore and SWORD and the beautiful connection to Aaron’s Thor make longtime readers feel comfort in the adventures while those often-sought commodities, “new readers,” should still be able to catch up and hang on.

The Avengers were battling Kang when I first started reading the Roy Thomas-written comic and I did not know much of what was going on … but I liked it!. And here I am, all these decades later, still a Merry Marching Marvelite, a QNS and delighted when writers like Remender use history as a tool and not see it as so much baggage.

These characters have lived! Let them have memories of their lives, even if we kind of sideswipe time’s passage a tad.

What can I say about the beautiful art work of Daniel Acuna? Welcome, sir, and please stay as long as possible.

Character. Cosmic. Continuity. Mr. Remender certainly passes my Three-C test.

How about yours?

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