Review: Uncanny Avengers #13


I love old radio comedy. I also have a very good friend who works for the Kentucky Department of Deaf and Hard of Hearing. The two merged in Uncanny Avengers #13 in a great bit of levity writer Rick Remender adds to an otherwise stark and sober book.

Cap’s hearing goes awry, and he is constantly shouting at his teammates at the worst of times. Old yes, but that does not mean it is not funny, which it is. I can see some readers seeing this as sacrilege: humor in one of our dark comics?! It didn’t used to be called a “funny book” for nothing! Hear … er uh, here, the humor works.

What is not so funny is being Wolverine in a Remender book. It is not that he writes the character badly, quite to the contrary. But what life is tossing at Logan here is not the best of times. Indeed, former Dark Avengers/dead son/new Horseman Daken fairly beats the absolute $#@& out of Daddy Dearest, and this forms – as in Uncanny X-Force – the emotional linchpin about which the rest of the characters and their adventures revolve. Logan is shredded body and soul, as his legendary resilience and resolve shatters. Remender is totally taking the mutant apart, hopefully to build him back stronger than ever? We’ll see; no spoilers here.

Long-time Avengers fans may or may not like what happens with Simon and Wanda this issue. The Scarlet Witch is supposed to be at the heart of solving the problem of the Apocalypse Twins, but she and Wonder Man are definitely NOT spell-building in part of this tale. Whatever happened to passionate embraces or warm, romantic looks? No copy, just eyes?

Daniel Acuna takes a brilliant bow here as we prepare for a new artist, and he does so in style. He has set the tone for this book for awhile, and will be sorely missed by this reviewer.

What about the coming artist? All I can remember is he was touted as the “new look” of a certain Marvel Cosmic team returning to publication and barely did a full issue when all was said and done. What will we see here?

As you will read elsewhere on the web, almost nothing solicited about this issue by Marvel months ago happened. The good news is that Remender and Acuna deliver one hell of an issue, as has been the standard for this Marvel NOW flagship mag.

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