Review: Uncanny Avengers #10

Our Avengers Unity Team has split, Captain America being upset for Wolverine’s X-Force being involved in the death of Kid Apocalypse.
So now we have Logan leading former X-Men Rogue and Sunfire along with Thor, while Havok’s team (still the official team, I guess) has Alex and Wanda together and old-timers Cap and Jan out in the field while Simon is being a pacifist back at the Mansion.
It is to writer Rick Remender’s credit that he not only takes his own X-Force continuity but that of other Marvel writers for these characters and weaves it into a tapestry that brings back fond X-Men memories but with that classic Avengers feel. Incredible!
In #10, four fallen friends from the past –ones with grudges — take a turn as the new Four Horsemen.
It’s painful to see  Banshee risen and taking vengeance on the brother (Havok) of the man who killed him. Sean was a big part of the “All-New, All-Different” and his death at the hands of Vulcan still hurts.
More welcome was the return of Sentry. Not that I have any love for the character, but I relish the rematch from Siege between he and Thor.
Anyone who has read Avengers for awhile know the deep history between Simon and brother Grim Reaper (and sometimes the Vision). This also was a welcome return, and I wonder how long Wonder Man will remain pacifist with scythe energy blasting him.
And sins of the father: Wolverine comes eye to eye with the fourth Horseman, his own son!
Great angst, super action and king continuity that gives this book great weight are all present in this Remender’s adventure.
Matching this greatness is the wonderfully powerful art of Daniel Acuna, who handles inks and colors as well. A wonderful palette and great character moments visualized between Rogue and Thor, Alex and Wanda, and Cap and Jan. Bonus points for him showing many of Simon’s old costumes in the Mansion.
All that was missing is Jarvis. Come home!
Although the unity team is no longer united, Uncanny Avengers is still the best book on the shelves for either franchise. Superb!