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Review: Uncanny #4

Review: Uncanny #4


I am breathless after reading Andy Diggle’s latest issue of Uncanny! After three issues of build-up, #4 grabs hold of you like the beginning of a good Bond film and does not let go. For those who are constantly complaining that writers do not get to the action fast enough in comic books anymore, no worries here. Uncanny #4 is high-octane excitement that does not stop.

We find Weaver and Maggie, both “actives” who have unexplained superpowers, in the heat of an operation trying to take a briefcase from their target, Dr. Felix de Santos, who has allegedly discovered the origins of “active” powers and plans to use them for naughty reasons. At least that is the explanation Weaver and Maggie’s mysterious employer has given them.

Speaking of whom, we find out an interesting bit of information about the man behind the sunglasses this issue as well: he himself is an “active” and seems to be possessed of a Professor X-type mental power. Why are Weaver and Maggie working under free will? We will have to wait to find out.

Car chases are extremely hard to do in comic books; not the drive or adrenaline of the spy movies. But Diggle not only manages to pull off one great action sequence after another here, with all the accompanying chaos ensuing, but we have helicopters exploding to boot. The lead vehicle of destruction? A garbage truck.

Aaron Campbell carries the ball heavily on this one, giving us realistic, gritty high views of NYC while following up on each of Diggle’s challenges in the chase, rendering with his art some nerve-wrenching moments on the highway and the most monstrous garbage truck in comic book history. Carrying action on for an extended amount of time with little scene change is not easy, I would imagine, and besides his gorgeous and humanistic facial and body expressions Campbell gets great kudos for the seamless action scenes in this mag.

If you are not reading Uncanny, you have perhaps missed one of the best heist stories in comics today. Pick it up and get on board. This one moves fast!