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Review: Uncanny #2

Review: Uncanny #2
Writer Andy Diggle continues to weave a web of noir mystery around the man known only as Weaver, whose unique talent of taking other characters’ memories and abilities has gotten him exactly nowhere.
Except maybe stranded in Singapore with a target on his back.
Weaver, under the assumption that he is the only one with “special” abilities in the world, has been gambling and thieving his way across Europe and Asia, apparently coming to rest and growing stale in Singapore for the better part of a year.
Now on the run from the gambler Lee and the object of curiosity for a mysterious woman named Maggie, Weaver is dodging bullets and getting his final sources killed in an effort to make it back to the States … or at least away from Lee’s men, half of whom are wearing badges.
Artist Aaron Campbell does a great job with his clean lines for carrying the action and also the facial expressions. When one of Weaver’s cronies is slowly dying as he is in the process of taking information from him and Weaver experiences this, the reader feels sadness and wonders if Weaver had ever felt that before. The expression of his face is priceless.
We discover that Weaver does have a conscience as he returns to get a shot Maggie before making an escape, Miami Vice-like, on a boat, out of a secret exit with Lee’s men not knowing the difference.
We also discover Maggie’s secret this issue (sorta), one that will send Weavers world topsy-turvy.
I hope lovers of crime and adventure comics will pick this up and read it. It is a keeper. I’ll be back next issue!