Review: Thundercats: “The Trials of Lion-O Part Two” (Episode 6 Season 2)


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:1238:]]Oh, Thundercats, how I will miss thee!

Rumor has it the Thundercats might be canceled after this season.

With the move to Saturday mornings, the toys on clearance at Toys R Us, and WB not responding, it just might not bode well for something that showed huge potential with the first episode.

Too bad they strayed away from the more adult, serious and epic nature of that episode (which was more akin to a Lord of the Rings, IMO), and seemingly attempted to appease the younger fans with inclusion of childish antics, probably for the toy line, I guess.

Which brings me to Panthro’s arms. They are terrible! And even my 7 year old thinks so. It looks ridiculous — especially on a character as “BA” as the General. Now, what were they thinking?! Raise your hand if you thought they were given Panthro cynbernetic “BA” robot arms!

Anyway, on to the episode…

We are nineteen episodes in, and still Lion-O doesn’t feel as if he is worthy of being the King, or his fellow Cats etc. I think that’s way too long, as the series feels drawn out like a Brian Bendis, Matt Fraction or Ed Brubaker comic book. There just hasn’t felt like much character progression in a season and half. Now we’ve been given some pretty cool episodes – namely with Mumm-Ra – but others have been sorta lame and dull.

For me, this one was on the rather dull and predictable side, with some parts just plain stupid. 

Mumm-Ra has the Sword of Omens – finally and after how long? – and just leaves it out in the open for anyone to grab (I think I’m remembering that right)? Plus, he gets “owned” in his own pyramid/spaceship — where he just told the other Cats he’s the most powerful? There was another part when Mumm-Ra zapped all the Cats — they were all standing around waiting for it (when before they seemed to be attacking)?

Basically what happens in the episode is Lion-O is dead, and goes through a few more trials, with the last he fails. He offers up his soul in return for a few more hours of life to help out the Thundercats, who have been capatured. Of course we know he’s not going to stay dead, and sure enough he is the Reborn King, as the sun rises on the horizon. And not just reborn in life, but with a new perspective as well. And, of course, now the other Cats accept him as their King.

Let me guess, the last seven episodes will see Lion-O uniting the races, taking down Mumm-Ra for good, and that’s the end of that.

As the series has progressed, it has seemingly gotten worse and worse. I would be curious to know if there has been any behind the scenes changes, as the doesn’t seem as good as when it first debuted — or put together as well. Some scenes (like the “zap” above), just seem as if they were dropped or cut in.

I wanted to hear the ROAR, not a whimper!

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