Review/Recap: Thundercats: “New Alliances” (Spoilers – Season 2 Episode 1)


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:1052:]]The Thundercats returned earlier on an all new day and time on the Cartoon Network with the first episode of Season Two, “New Alliances.”

With the Saturday morning time, would the Thundercats bow down before Mumm-ra and become more of a kids show, or would there be that same mix of entertainment for both the young and old (me!) fans alike as seen in the first season?

I’m happy to say the latter took place as this episode saw some great action coupled with some funny moments. Too funny?! More on that later!

Recap (spoilers):

Lion-O’s big plan is to unite the races, which includes the Lizard Army, in an attempt to defeat Mumm-ra. WileyKit and Kat are used as bait to draw squads of the Lizard Army into a trap where they are captured by Lion-O, Cheetara and Tigra. With their capture, Lion-O decides to free them, offering a return to their homes or a return to the cruel control of Mumm-Ra. With this, Lion-O hopes that the Lizards will eventually take his side. Of course Tigra thinks this is quite ridiculous.

We see new powers in affect as Lion-O now is now able to create some kind of energy shield using the Gauntlet, as well as Cheetara’s staff seemingly comes to life as barbs now shoot forth with a new vine-like ability as well. These could possibly be explained by the acquisition of the Spirit Gem.

So with The Lizard army abandoning their posts Mumm-Ra tells Slythe he is doing a bad job etc., to which Slythe says the Lizards have no reinforcement as to why they are fighting, no meaning, no benefits. Mumm-Ra states something to the affect they need none, and tells Slythe to recruit new generals — Jackalman and Monkian! But these are not the goof-ball bad guys from your youth, guys!

We see Monkian has been captured by a race of Bird-Men and is about to be executed. He asks if he gets one last request, dinner — them! With that, the vine Monkian is hanging from is cut, and Monkian disappears down into the clouds. Suddenly, he is hovering before his executor as Slythe has saved him via one of their ships! Monkian still hasn’t received his last meal, and with that — jumps at the screen with that famous Monkian “ooh-oohh” of old and eats the birds (off camera).

Regarding Jackalman, we see he has been imprisoned by a Bulldog-like race — and Jackalman is off his rocker! He is completely nuts! Lasers fire, and his guards are killed. Slythe offers Jackalman his freedom in return for servitude to Mumm-Ra, but Jackalman scoffs at that request! He’s more than comfortable being locked up! Then Slythe asks him if he would like some “Cats,” and shows him a Thundercats medallion! Yes!

Meanwhile, there has been some drama going on between Lion-O and Cheetara, as the Thundercats speedster is now Tigra’s girlfriend. While at first Lion-O came out and said he was okay with it, the Lord of the Thundercats really wasn’t. He questions Cheetara about her “signals,” to which she says she promised Jaga that she would look after him. Lion-O is not happy!

Least we not forget — Panthro! At the end of last season saw Panthro lose his arms, and now we see that the Robear Berbils are fixing them. It is a rather fun scene as Panthro, who comes off tough as nails, is given Robear Berbil paws for hands! Eventually, the Robear Berbils get Panthro’s arms right, equipping him with powerful cybernetic enhancements.

Back to Lion-O, Tigra and Cheetara. Another squad of Lizard Men is making their way toward them, and they see the Lizards they freed previously have been captured. Lion-O tells his fellow Cats that he can do it himself and makes his way down where he encounters Monkian and Jackalman — who have names! Addicus and Kaynar! It’s one against three, or so they thought, as Tigra and Cheetara will not leave their King’s side! A battle ensues with Tigra getting captured, which sees Cheetara giving up as well! She will not leave Tigra’s side! 

The Thundercats seem all but finished, when — an upgraded ThunderTank makes the save! And that’s not all as Panthro’s arms now have the ability to come out of their sockets — as if he had the powers of Mr. Fantastic. Kid. You. Not.


Pretty good episode! The story moved along quickly with progression of the Lizard/Slythe plot introducing the new Generals, as well as the Tigra/Cheetara/Lion-O triangle. So I take it Cheetara giving up means she puts Tigra ahead of her king?! Off with her head! Best part of the episode for me, again, was the bad guys angle with Mumm-Ra, Monkian and Jackalman — great stuff! Worst part of the episode was Panthro’s rubber-like arms. Ridiculous! My 7-year old thought so as well! And another save by the ThunderTank! I think we’ve seen that before at least a couple times. I suppose the new powers and upgraded Tank are for the toy line, but Panthro needs another fixin‘!

All in all a fun episode; story is moving along and there is enough for the kiddies and the adults.


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