Review: Threshold #1



“The Hunted” got a great start last week in Green Lantern: New Guardians Annual #1, but virtually none of that GL continuity is necessary to enjoy scribe Keith Giffen’s love letter to DCU‘s space folk in Threshold #1.

Of course our focus character is Caul, a former undercover GL who got on Arkillo’s bad side and thus found himself part of “The Hunted,” a popular game show in this section of the cosmos where a perceived threat (in this case, Caul, but many others simultaneously are in play) has a bounty placed on their head and virtually everyone (even minors) are eligible for a “Running Man”-style hunt.

We saw the Space Rovers and Space Cabbie in the annual. Here, Giffen reintroduces us to refurbished versions of Stealth and Space Ranger. I am having great fun looking up and learning about these obscure cosmic characters!

Tom Raney does a fantastic job of keeping the art clear, straight and tight. It ain’t Kirby or Starlin, but I find his art just right for this taught drama that is also full of Giffen wit and humor.

In the backup, Giffen and artist Scott Kolins have great fun with the ego and the actuality of Orange Lantern and fan favorite Larfleeze, who seems to have kidnapped himself a butler!

Larfleeze falls for a phony news broadcast only to lose what is most important to the hoarder supreme– everything!!

This backup is gonna be a riot!

Threshold #1 offers the starving cosmic comic reader with some much-needed adventure … and the characters even say “das’t”!!

‘Nuff said.