Review: Terra Nova “Occupation/Resistance” (Season One Season Final)



Thank heaven there were no cliffhangers!

Oh, there are some dangling plotlines (Lucas is still on the loose and the Phoenix Group rejects are looking for something unknown in the Badlands), but the two-hour finale of FOX’s Terra Nova pretty much cleaned up after itself and we are as we came: an unsettled but happily together Shannon family.

I think we all knew it would be poor Washington who made the sacrifice for the Shannons and Terra Nova. (Many in my betting pool were counting on it to be Zoe.) I really expected more out of the battle than I got. Oh, there were deaths, including Josh Shannon’s girlfriend from the future who only got to say a line or two before her demise. Jim gets blown by the blast of a suicide bomber, he wakes up and everything is all aftermath. Kinda disappointing.

But from there, the plot and characterization picked up and never dragged again. The brave Shannonsfacing the Phoenix Group to save the portal and then realizing its closure was the only solution they had to end the war. Now the colony is safe, but like the castaways of Gilligan’s Island (lol) the time-lost must live without high-tech from the future. Score one for the dinos outside the soon-to-be-rebuilt gates.

The tension between father and son, Taylor and Lucas, was palpable from the screen. Everyone who knew Lucas was fooling the commander with the “You never loved me” speech before he knifed him in the rib, raise your claws. Still, a well-done and emotionally-draining scene.

Of course, the big issue was the centuries-old ship’s prow from out in the Badlands. Reminded me of the Black Rock in Lost, and I am wondering if the Phoenix Group is looking other holes in time/space up north. That may be key to getting back to 2149.

Another question: Where are the Sixers? Is Mira & Co. with the Phoenix Group with whom they allied, only to be let down in not returning to the future, or are they yet a third populace, wandering nomad-like as they had been. Always thought Taylor and Mira made quite the pair!

Besides my complaint of a shortened (well, non-existent really) battle, I loved this fast-moving epic finale: solid storytelling, warm and fleshed-out characters and superior (at least on TV) special effects (hope the T-rex made it back).

I hope Terra Nova is picked up for a second season. We need something refreshing like this sci-fi gem on TV — even with Zoe!