Review: Terra Nova: “Now You See Me” (Season 1, Episode 10)


terra novaWhile Commander Taylor continued his search for his son, who is trying to discover a manner in which to make their time/space portal a two-way, Jim Shannon continued his hunt for the mole who has been leaking information from the compound to the Sixers.

After Taylor leaves Shannon in charge of Terra Nova, he soon encounters Mira, leader of the Sixers – and not in a good way. She takes him captive, but soon the tables are turned and it is she who finds herself in handcuffs.

As they trek through the jungles, Mira reveals she has a 7-year-old daughter on the other side of the time portal and that she was an ex-con, a loser in some political future war. She plotted with the “others” to come through the portal and ravage this brave new world in order to secure future dome living quarters for she and her daughter.

Suddenly, strikers attack the duo and they escape in a spectacular leap down an escalating waterfall. Splash! As they get ready for a second attack, Mira and Taylor begin to realize how much alike they are.

When the strikers come, the duo fights then with flaming bows and arrows. They fend off the strikers and then go their separate ways.

Meanwhile, soldiers positioned on towers spot reflectors sending messages to the Sixers from inside the compound. Jim hightails it to the site where he discovers – a single drop of blood, diluting in paint thinner. He is in hopes Elisabeth can secure some DNA from the diluted drop, but he must turn to Malcolm, who is successful in isolating the drop. Elisabeth then begins her DNA search, but overnight the sample is destroyed — by Skye, who reveals herself (to the viewer, not to anyone in Terra Nova) to be the mole!

Skye then uses her friendship with Josh to get through the gates so that she can meet with the Sixcrs, who, it seems, have her “dead” mother very much alive but suffering from a terrible disease. The Sixers have the meds for it and continue to keep her alive as long as Skye does their bidding.

The sample destroyed, the only good news to come from Skye’s blood drop is that Elisabeth is able to tell Jim the person with access to her lab is a woman. That narrows the list down to only — 47 suspects!

There is also one of those nice family moments with the Shannons as young Zoe must release the baby dinosaur she has been raising for months back into the wild … one of those “Opie the Bird Man” from The Andy Griffith Show sort of things. Nice.

This lush sci-fi series continues to weave layer upon layer of plot, answering old questions while creating new ones. It has become a Monday night staple. Try it.