Review: Superman #711


Two issues in a row of the current “Grounded” arc that I actually enjoyed!

We also get the (an?) answer as to whether or not Superman really likes America!

There is the return of an old Superman costume to boot, as well!

This is the best Superman story I have read since DC blew up New Krypton and spit in the face of fans reading the past couple years worth of stories – or I would even go further than that and say anyone who has been a fan of Big Blue. Yeah, I’m still ticked (AC #900, anyone?).

In Superman #711, Superman puts down the coffee and finishes his pie as he has to take on Livewire who has gone ballistic in the streets of the City of Sin, Las Vegas. Jimmy Olsen gives the call and we see another interesting “grounded” comment from Supes in regard to his pal. First Lois, now Jimmy? Something is up with Kal-El and I just don’t think it’s a result of depression or shock from the events of New Krypton. Hopefully, we see how that plays out.

Roberson resolved the conflict, bringing in an old Superman costume from a rather forgetful time period to fix things. I enjoyed seeing it again and it was used well.

After Supes deals with Livewire we get his thoughts on America, flag is shown and all. Wonder if this was added after AC#900’s debacle? It is the last page, too. It will take me a looong time to get over that one! Maybe it was on purpose as Iron Munro makes an appearance in the issue.

Barrows does a good job on the art; at least, here, he gets to do some action sequences. At times Supes looks as if he is on something, Prozac, maybe? I find it fitting as Kal-El does seem to be in his own world.

All in all not a bad issue, but I still want the cruddy “Grounded” arc over – Now!