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Review: Supergirl #1 (Green, Johnson, & Asrar)

As I read the issue, I found goose bumps uncontrollably materializing upon my skin – as the Last Daughter Of Krypton has finally come home!

Superman fans are going to love this one as Green, Johnson, & Asrar give us a Supergirl heavily grounded in the Man of Steel mythos. It's a rather quick origin story that sees the cousin of Kal-El first set foot upon the planet with the yellow sun. Mixed in, are the anti-alien elements from the previously seen issues of Justice League and Action Comics.

The issue is filled with lots of great action scenes that demonstrate the super power of Kara Zor-El. In addition, the book teases the past, present and future for the Superman family of DC books with mention of Krypton, the new costumes, a certain Kryptonian villain, and, of course – the Last Son Of Krypton himself!

The art was just as nice, as Asrar's pencils are most pleasing to the eye. The pages are filled with the emotional angst required of a story that sees the protagonist lost and seemingly abandoned on a new world. You feel for Supergirl as she awakens not being familiar with her surroundings – or her newly acquired powers! Likewise, Asrar offers up terrific action sequences, with one particular well done panel where Supergirl rips a Mech's arm off while kicking it away – and then finishes it off with that amputated arm! 

I couldn't be more happier with the New 52, and I think you will be just as happy with Supergirl as I was!