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Review: StormWatch #20

Jim Starlin’s excellent cosmic comic continues in issue #20 of StormWatch.

In this great galactic tale with beautiful art by Yvel Guichet, we get not only a little more about Jenny Soul: telepath but also some peeks at the Shadow Lords’ rep on Skywatch with Storm Control (who is he really?) and new big-bads the Kollective.

Also coming in our story is a retread of the origin of Lobo, so all those who have been under a rock (like me) can know how truly vicious and powerful this alien can be.

It is certainly interesting to see how, within the “new” reality of the DCU, all these different cosmoses are being rebooted by two sets of aliens — the Kollective and presumably the Shadow Lords — who are working with this as if they are hoeing a garden.

Starlin has certainly influenced the art of Guichet because some of the sequences resemble, delightfully so, those done by artist Starlin on Captain Marvel and Warlock: small vignettes, telescoping panels, aliens of all shapes and sizes. Love that double-page splash on pages 2 and 3.

As a cosmic fan and a Starlin fan, I’m sure hoping this version of StormWatch sells because I want to see just where the master cosmic storyteller is taking us.

Hope you are along for the ride, and if not, why not?