Review: Stan Lee’s The Traveler #11


With the awesome threat of the Inheritors in the background and despite the appearance of the annoying Soldier Zero, Stan Lee’s The Traveler #11 actually starts to live up to some of its earlier potential and showcases the property a reader can clearly see was created by The Man.

Our pal Ron Lessik has been through some unbelievable adventures, but with this “crossover” that has proven anything but, the Traveler and Soldier Zero face both strange temporal ghosts from the past and the future that seem to be trying to answer an unasked question while also battling a femme fatale.

Scribes Mark Waid and Tom Peyer really get to hang some emotion on our heroes this time around. Even Soldier Zero seems a bit interesting, and that all has a big payoff before the end of this issue!

And what can I say about this issue’s turn of art fortune as Chad Hardin and Blond deliver some of the best art and colors this BOOM! Studios property has seen in its short existence? The battle scenes are sharp and crisp and even mundane scenes of conversation by the middle of the story have a sense of wonder that draws to a great climax, and Hardin captures it all.

This has not been my favorite of the Stan Lee-created properties, but it is far from my least favorite. Too bad #12 is its swan song issue, because this title seems to have turned the corner and seemed headed for a brighter future than I gave it three months ago.