Review: Stan Lee’s Soldier Zero #11


Well, they did it!

I knew if I stuck with Stan Lee’s Soldier Zero long enough, especially under the writing of Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, our beloved DnA from Marvel Cosmic Past, there would be at least one issue that would capture my interest.

This is it.

Issue #11 had all the suspense, melodrama and keen cosmic coolness of what I expect from a character created by The Man and scripted by DnA. Like Soldier Zero, I had a sense of déjà vu with this adventure. I think what was flashing in my mind was King Kirby’s Eternals and Ikaris, at the very moment the Celestials landed.

You gotta admit that these Inheritors (of the Earth? of what?) are some cool invaders, and artist Ramon Bachs is making them appropriately creepy, cosmic and mysterious. I wish Soldier Zero’s translated conversation with the Inheritors had begun a few pages earlier so that the climax would not be as it is, but them’s the breaks.

It is my hope DnA will make this book their own and thereby lift it to the potential it has, the potential Starborn is realizing. I will say this is still a strange crossover, but I will keep my voice silent about the whole until the tale runs its course.

Kaylee seems to be coming into her own as a character; a little less jawing and a lot more assistance/involvement with the plot would be welcome, though.

I am very anxious for Stewart to stretch the tech at his disposal and show us what Soldier Zero can do. I am sure, now that DnA seem to have a grasp on the steering wheel, that this will be a more enjoyable ride.