Review: Silver Surfer #3 (of 5)


Again, Silver Surfer #3 gives us a beautiful book with a fast-paced story, heavy on character development and – gasp! – even a hint of romance! When did that last happen in a Marvel book? The 1980s?

I am not quite sure this is what Marvel Cosmic fans are looking for, since a flashback of the Surfer not experiencing but appreciating the love of a Galactus victim species as their world is torn asunder seems a bit forced. The art is gorgeous, but the memory seems a tad out-of-place. It’s like, “Here you go, a little cosmic for those Annihilation fans still hanging on. Now back to our Surfer story.”

There is no doubt that writer Greg Pak has the voice of the soul-suffering Surfer down pat, the one Stan Lee loves so well, the alien that was trapped on a world he never made, one with a people he saved who now shun and hate him.

Unfortunately, that was not my favorite rendition of the Surfer. After he escaped Earth under Steve Englehart’s pen and later others, the Surfer had a freedom and … well, glee that I fully enjoyed as he encountered beings from other worlds, combated the Elders of the Universe and fell in love with Mantis and Frankie Raye (Nova).

I am enjoying the way the High Evolutionary is being used by Pak as a kind of reverse-Galactus. Using the Power Cosmic, H.E. is now bent on finding worlds on which to create and not destroy. But, as in the film Star Trek II, there is destruction in the creation! And he has even made himself a Herald!

Tolibro, Coello & Florea do a wonderful job on the art, whether it is in Mexicoor on the outer rim of our galaxy, there is always a touch of cosmic to what Norrin Radd is up to.

This has been quite a mini-series, Earth-centric or not, and I have enjoyed regular visits with the Surfer one-on-one again. If any mini this year deserves to become an ongoing, it is this one.

And next month – the FF! I cannot wait.