Review: Red Lanterns #23


Red Lanterns #23 is Charles Soule’s best issue to date. The issue is filled with all-out action, intrigue and lots of blood!

My previous reviews on Soule’s Red Lanterns have been pretty harsh as I felt the series wasn’t living up to its potential (not just with Soule, but its entire run). As Soule seems to be taking the the series the exact route I predicted it would go, he takes us for a complete 180! I just hope it continues.

This issue sees Guy attempting to make contact with Hal in order to be pulled out of the Red Lantern Corps. It turns out Guy’s blood is figuratively boiling as he has killed one or two people and the Red Lanterns are not a threat; so mission completed. We also see what became of Atrocitus as Dex-Starr saved him and together they go after a new Red Lantern ring.

Soule introduces new plot elements nicely into the story that interweave with the rest of the Green Lantern books as well as the upcoming Villains Month issue with Relic. Basically, Guy is out of luck (see Green Lantern: New Guardians #23) and is stuck being a Red Lantern with a newly powered Atrocitus hot on his tail!

I can’t help but think if Soule (or DC) combined the past three issues of storyline into two issues (or even one), cutting out all the decompression in the process, what a heck of a story it would have made. 

The art was just as satisfying as this issue’s story as well. While two artist’s splitting up an issue is never a good thing, Alessandro Vitti and Jim Calafiore come through.

If you read the other Green Lantern books, this would be the issue to pick up to get on board Red Lanterns. I just wish we didn’t have to wait two month until the next!