Review: Red Lanterns #22


I’m beginning to wonder if I have expected too much from Red Lanterns from the get-go, because I haven’t been happy with many of the issues, if any. Back when Atrocitus was considered an actual Green Lantern villain, and previous to any ongoing, the series held great potential as it could have featured a team of “evil” Lanterns. However, Atrocitus and the Red Lanterns quickly turned into anti-heroes, which continues with this issue.

Red Lanterns #22 starts off with the remaining Red Lanterns bickering amongst themselves about who should be leader and what should happen to Guy Gardner, in which Guy has become a mindless mess after besting Atrocitus for the Red Lantern ring.

Oops; Gardner forgot what it was like to wear one.

Well, after some exposition, that is quickly resolved as Guy gets literally baptized in blood which clears his mind basically becoming the new leader.

We get some corny dialogue with Guy asking the Red Lantern members to vote the American way and asking “what, are we GL members?!” as well as inquiring where they sleep. And I think that’s also been a problem with the book from the start, and that is the supporting cast comes off as complete morons akin to a Saturday morning cartoon where the villains are just plain feeble-minded. 

I suppose it could be argued that Atrocitus surrounded himself with not the brightest bunch of Lanterns for whatever reason, but I think the reader deserves more because they literally share a common bond born in blood. It’s just that the Red Lantern Corps are all a bunch of doofuses which doesn’t make for good reading. In defense of Charles Soule’s writing, he may actually be going for more of a level playing field amongst the Red Lantern Corps as there are inklings of that in this issue.

The book is not a total loss for me as there are some interesting questions regarding where Gardner’s loyalties lie. The previous issue saw the Hal Jordan give Garndner a mission to infiltrate the Red Lantern Corps; however, I would argue ‘what’s the point’ as basically there is no corps. Gardner could just pack it up and call it a day as they are a bunch of misfts not capable of being much of a threat to themselves let alone anyone else. But that is where Guy comes in; where we see perhaps a little rage still lingering in his heart?

The conclusion of Red Lanterns #22 I wasn’t happy with at all as I found myself rolling my eyes as the series is going exactly the way I predicted it would, and probably everybody else, too.

Hate to say it, but maybe when Lights Out hits in October, the Red Lanterns will be the first to get turned off.