Review: Planet of the Apes #9


The Apes and Humans are at an impasse and human society as it has existed seems to be a way of the past. Skintown lies in flames and apes all over the place are hunting down escaping humans who, more and more, are being born mum.

But just because the humans are down does not mean they are out! The Freemen of Southtown and the Ghost Battalion of Delphi have captured one of the apes’ flying balloon ships, and that indeed may change the tide of this war.

Writer Daryl Gregory again hits the ground running in Planet of the Apes #9 with this moody, exciting script as artist Carlos Magno captures the essence of the franchise in each and every panel. A lot has been made on the movie circuit about how makeup and tech wizards captured human emotions on CGI ape faces; they could learn a thing or two from Magno, who does it consistently in every issue of this book.

There is danger around every bend and now from the skies above. I cannot say enough about the consistent quality of this mag and what Gregory and Magno are building here. I do not think there has ever been such a solid relation between film franchise and comic book interpretation before!

Catch on to this runaway train while you can!