Review: Planet of the Apes #4


Tensions are high between ape and man after the shooting death of the Lawgiver by an unknown human and the attempted assassination of his granddaughter, Council Voice Alaya.

While ape leaders desire to approach this tension with peaceful intent, as do many humans, all hell suddenly breaks loose in Skintown! Ape against man, man against ape.

And behind it all, the mystery of the human warrior Bako’s daughter, whom he found in her bed wearing the reported clothing of the Lawgiver’s assassin — and shot in the stomach! Hm …

Planet of the Apes has truly been a joy for this fan of the movie series to read, and #4 is no exception. I find it fascinating that movie makers often stray so far from the elements of comic book subjects they try to bring to the silver screen, elements that made the comics popular with fans in the first place. And here, in this beautiful BOOM! Studios product, writer Daryl Gregory is truer to the legend and spirit of the films than some writers of the films themselves were!

Artist Carlos Magno captures beautifully the feel of this primitive, militaristic world at this time. Both ape and human facial compositions are works of art, adding emotion to the tenseness of every panel. Kudos also again to colorist Nolan Woodard, whose subdued tones perfectly match my memories of those dark, dusty settings on Ape Earth.

I will be eager to see what great new characters Gregory brings into this continuity as the Apes saga rolls on.