Review: Planet of the Apes #10


As the deep snows fall on the Planet of the Apes, misunderstanding has led to confusion to fighting to militaristic battle as the blood of both Man and Ape burns for survival and turns the snows crimson!

The last bastions of Man as we know him huddle together or rally on horseback to offset the coming tide of Ape military might, trusting that perhaps the old ways of the Lawgiver – the world where Man and Ape lived as equals in peace – will return.

No soap.

Now the time is rife to tell the saga of Ape leader Voice Alaya and human leader Sully, sisters of the peace who have traveled far. In the hands of Alaya, now her sworn enemy, Sully bides her time and awaits help — a help that might never arrive!

In Planet of the Apes #10, writer Daryl Gregory continues his marvelous comics adaptation and furtherance of the famous sci-fi film franchise, adding to its rich layers and deepening the characters with personality and foibles. This may be the best and most successful adaptation of a film-to-comic I have ever read.

And still it keeps getting more exciting, with excellent characterization and slam-bang action scenes that is sometimes unexpected.

Artist Carlos Magno is making a fine name for himself on this BOOM! Studios property as a sci-fi and atmospheric master, aided by the superbly subtle colors of Darrin Moore.

With the second part of a new arc, it is still not too late for newbies to jump on board this great sci-fi book and not look back. The action and suspense will carry you away!