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Review: New Avengers #9

Review: New Avengers #9


COVER: Deodato & Beredo

WRITER: Brian Michael Bendis

PENCILS: Mike Deodato & Howard Chaykin

COLORS: Rain Beredo & Edgar Delgado

LETTERED BY: Joe Caramagna

PUBLISHER: Marvel Comics

RELEASE DATE: Feb. 9, 2011


The relaxation and easy feelin’ of the past two Roy Thomas-type issues deciding just who, what, when and why the New Avengers will be are over. The team is back this issue in all-out action, with a couple of shockers!

Brian Michael Bendis and Mike Deodato do a fine job of getting Luke Cage’s team involved in a new storyline right away. What’s better than a stakeout, especially with Jessica Jones (will that be her superhero name too?) in your group? Meanwhile, the honorable Howard Chaykin checks in with some 1959 Nick Fury action – right up his alley – that is a bit disturbing and also promises to lead into the guys’ 2011 case involving Superia.

FYI: Little is known (or given here) of the past of Superia (who first appeared in Captain America Vol. 1 #390), but she was first seen where she and a small army of female supervillains plotted to sterilize all other women in the world, making their reproductive capabilities valuable beyond measure. She was initially inspired to use her scientific knowledge to conquer the world when she discovered, via use of a “time probe,” that a descendant of hers, Thundra, would rule the world-spanning matriarchy of the Femizons. Her plan was thwarted by Cap.

In addition to being a scientific genius, Superia has demonstrated superhuman strength and the ability to project concussive blasts. Superia also claimed to be a highly-trained martial artist, although Captain America derided her abilities (possibly in order to make her act irrationally). No extra charge for the background info!

Just because we have left the organization of the Avengers Mansion kitchen to Wong this issue does not mean we are short on character moments. Far from it. The ever-lovin’ blue-eyed Thing has a great time as his Hulk-like leaping ability comes into play actually during the stakeout of Superia. And thank goodness — for Spidey and the rest of us — Ben finally yells his time-honored catch-phrase!

Then, in the midst of battle in 2011, a great shocker as one of our team falls – possibly to death?

And in 1959 (the year after I was born) Cuba, Fury and pals get an assignment from Ike that promises to lead to the revelation of “the biggest secret in the Marvel Universe.”

We will of course have to discover the consequences of all this next month! Don’t get me wrong, I love Bendis’ “oral history” because I think it has made him a better Avengers scribe and given him a true love of these great Lee/Kirby Thomas/Buscema villains, but – c’mon! Five pages for Venom?! Yeesh!

I like Deodato’s take on the team (especially Ben) and am looking forward to more.

NEWAVENGERS #9 proves this team is still the go-to guys in the Marvel U.