Review: New Avengers #20


After months of plottings, plannings and limp dishrags of stories, finally artist Mike Deodato had a great story to go along with the great visuals he has been turning in on New Avengers since his arrival.

This time around, it is definitely Go-Time as the New Avengers face off with the latest incarnation of Osborn’s Dark Avengers. There is action galore, nice character moments and even a surprise or two between the pages.

Brian Michael Bendis was cruising on all thrusters this time around as he unleashed his inner Roy Thomas to make sure this issue had the mark of a classic.

All the New Avengers, including Doc Strange, have their moments in this slam-banger of an issue. No. 20 is indeed one of those issues that seems more written for the monthly book than for the trade, a notable Bendis quirk.

Deodato’s art and Rain Beredo’s great pallet bring the sequences to life like never before. Although the Point One issues have been called great jumping-on places for newbies, if you are a superhero action junkie like this reviewer, this one would have satisfied that thirst, even if all the background political intrigue is unknown. That is how good this issue is!

As Bendis wraps up his long stay in the house of Avengers, I hope we can look forward to seeing more issues like New Avengers #20. It was a pleasure!