Review: New Avengers #19


More talking heads, more decompressed Bendis writing. Besides the grace of Daredevil and the little humor with Squirrel Girl and the Cage baby, there is very little to like about New Avengers #19.

I for one was not a fan of Dark Avengers, and I hate to see villains take over an entire title as great as this one has been on occasion just for the business of summoning their ranks. God only knows the Hood did this way too much on too many occasions and now his role seems to have been taken over by Norman Osborn.

On the coming cover of New Avengers #20, it shows the team finally duking it out with the Dark Avengers. That is what I would have liked to see two issues ago rather than these banal machinations that go no where. I am looking forward to traveling around the Defenders. With Norman Osborn, well — not so much.

I did like the little uneasiness among the DA ranks as Viper strutted her stuff this issue, and of course the great art by Deodato and Beredo is always mouth-watering. But is it worth my four bucks? Ah, no.

As the many readers on the forums say or have said: I just wish something was going on!”

Anyway, with Bendis getting ready to clean up his plate come next summer and either “wrap up” (his words) or pass along this title and the other Avengers properties to other hands, maybe we will see some life like we have not seen since the first issues of this magazine’s Volume 1.

Maybe not.

New Avengers#19 was definitely not my cup of tea. I doubt it is yours.