Review: New Avengers #11 (Infinity)


New Avengers #11 happens to be another great Infinity tie-in and is a must read following the unbelievable events that went down in Avengers #21. Unlike the other Infinity tie-in issues, Hickman’s Avengers books provide actual story, great art and content. It seems more fans have just been picking up Avengers as a result of a purported slow start early on in Hickman’s New Avengers run, but at least the Infinity issues are something you don’t want to miss – make no mistake about that.

Coupled with Hickman’s strong writing is the art of Mike Deodato, which is just stellar. Deodato always comes through with his photorealistic approach that is perfect for a cosmic Avengers story such as Infinity. Deodato provides a mix of panels at various angles that come off as pure awesomeness. Frank Martin’s colors are just as great and don’t come off as overly gritty, but just enough color and brightness to be able to tell this is a space-based story. 

Following Infinity #4, the overall story is moving rather fast as we approach the conclusion next month. That could perhaps be a bad thing as obviously with Infinity being such a good story you don’t want it to end, but on the other hand it makes each issue pay off even more so. A complaint I have is regarding Doctor Strange in that his possession really didn’t affect any of the Avengers or really himself, as in this issue it was conveniently fixed (same can be said for what took place in Avengers #21). Again, that’s not such a bad thing, but there seemed to be a lot of build up regarding Doctor Strange, but we ended up with not much to show for it other than the Avengers not discovering the son of Thanos (but, Thanos hasn’t either – so??). I suppose it’s ironic I’m complaining about Hickman’s issues being too fast when I complained his initial Avengers issues were so slow. So there is that.

We also get some development with Thanos as he discovers Terrax and Black Swan making a rather interesting comment along the way. The New Avengers also encounter some of The Builders who inform them them that in order to save a world they must destroy one. Hey, they are the Illuminati, right?

New Avengers #11 is another great Infinity issue and is recommended.