Review: New Avengers #10 (Infinity)


Jonathan Hickman and Mike Deodato continue to give us a quality tie-in to the main Infinity event with New Avengers #10. Though the issue is a bit on the repetitive side, it still progresses the story and is a fulfilling read. Essentially the recap contained within is probably not necessary as more people are probably reading the main Infinity event more than New Avengers itself. A lot of the issue is already known and seems as if it is wasted space while, in its place, we could be told more story. However, what we do get with Black Bolt and Doctor Strange makes up for the duplicate storylines.

The issue continues from the events seen at the end of New Avengers #9 where Black Bolt summons the Illuminati to the pocket universe. There, Black Bolt seemingly hands over the secret archives of the Inhumans, but all is not as it seems. The real meat of the story lies with Doctor Strange, and I wish Hickman would have expanded upon that part of the story (or it could be argued Hickman succeeds in heightening the anticipation for more). As it stands, Hickman gives an ample amount as it’s learned Strange is still under the influence of Ebony Maw as the Illuminati seek the whereabouts of the son of Thanos.

The issue also slightly expands upon the events in this week’s Infinity #3, which looks to lead into December’s Matt Fraction Inhumans event. We also get to see how Thanos deals with failure as the Black Dwarf failed to take down Wakanda, with the Mad Titan living up to his moniker. Also for the first time, I believe, we see Thanos and his minions take notice to the other events occurring in Infinity with The Builders and Age Of Ultron; with their reaction being very curious and interesting especially in terms of what is to come.

Mike Deodato’s art is again a joy to behold. I found his take on Beast to be rather interesting as it has an ape-like quality to it. Beast seems to be a character, similar to Hulk, that artists like to interpret in different ways, which can lead to differences of opinions. It didn’t bother me too much; however,  the first panel that featured Beast could have been better depicted as Beast looked like a monkey caught in headlights. Nitpicking aside, Deodato is one of the most reliable artists in the field today.

New Avengers #10 is a great companion book to the Infinity event. If you are enjoying Infinity and looking for something extra to satisfy your craving, pick this issue up.