Review: New Avengers #10



COVER: Deodato & Beredo

WRITER: Brian Michael Bendis

PENCILS: Mike Deodato & Howard Chaykin

COLORS: Rain Beredo & Edgar Delgado

LETTERED BY: Joe Caramagna


RELEASE DATE: March 9th, 2011


Two time periods, twice as much action as Brian Michael Bendis craftily weaves a tale of two Avengers teams – one in 2011, one in 1959 – trying to take proactive roles in fighting menaces to our society.

In the present, Mockingbird is down and her team is caught between concern for her and an unraveling ploy to smoke out Superia, who has taken command of some of Norman Osborn’s former HAMMER troops. As Jessica Jones and Iron Fist pointed out last issue, the super-spy Superia had not actually broken any laws as of yet. But, led by Logan and the ever-lovin’ blue-eyed Thing, these New Avengers play the proactive card and, of course, chaos ensues and Bobbi is down — and perhaps, in Dr. Strange’s opinion, dead!

In 1959, Nick Fury and pal Dum Dum Dugan track down some of the most – er uh – unique beings of the day to play a proactive role in Ike’s plan to assemble a so-called “Avengers Initiative.” Sabretooth, Namora, Kraven, Dominic Fortune, Ulysses Bloodstone and the Silver Sable “assemble” to Fury’s call as they investigate reports of the Red Skull’s survival after WWII and “some sort of secret weapon or secret something” that is in his grasp. Next issue, I am expecting chaos to ensue.

Knowing the future fates of most of Fury’s Assemblers, it will be interesting to see how Bendis weaves this tale into one affecting the Superia ongoing case in the present – or at least our avenging team. We also have the mystery of how these heroes knew about her future plot in the first place; perhaps a tie-in right there?

Could all this also be connected to the much-hyped Fear Itself event? The Red Skull is now known as the focus of Fury’s (and the President’s) efforts in 1959, and we do have a title coming out next week called Fear Itself: The Book of the Skull. This dual storyline may get even more interesting than expected, and it is pretty hot right now!

In addition to being a scientific genius, Superia has demonstrated superhuman strength and the ability to project concussive blasts in past appearances. But her battle with Ms. Marvel certainly proves there is more to this sleak super-spy than meets the eye. She is certainly a worthy foe for this family of Avengers who have been through so much together.

I must say that, so far, I love how Bendis is writing Dr. Strange now. No longer is he the weakling of yore but is actually participating in battles even though he may be holding back a tad because of the circumstances. My one question this issue: If he teleported mystically to Bobbi’s side at Spidey’s behest and time was of the essence, according to the good Doctor himself, why could he not teleport Bobbi to a hospital? Perhaps it had to do with the fact that he deemed she could not be moved, but surely some secure Crimson Bands of Cytorrak here or there …

I continue to like Mike Deodato’s take on the team (especially Ben) and am looking forward to more, and of course Howard Chaykin on Fury is worth the price of admission alone.

With both Avengers and Secret Avengers in a slump lately, NEW AVENGERS #10 proves this team is still the go-to guys in the Marvel U.