Review: Mighty Avengers #4 (Ewing and Land)


It’s issue #4 of the new Mighty Avengers, and right away (and much to my delight), writer Al Ewing is doing what I call his “Roy Thomas issue.” That is, the members of this new team, which some are still calling “Heroes for Hire” although no “hire” now takes place, are forming what type of team they will be, headquarters (Gem Theatre in Harlem), financial support, team and field leaders, etc. etc. etc.

We also see the return of Ronin. Whoever this new former “Spider Hero” (no hyphen) is, I do not think we will be finding out for sometime. Seems to be something perhaps mystic about the character; could it possibly be Brother/Doctor Voodoo?

Thus far, I am really digging how this team is coming together and where Ewing has it headed. I guess She-Hulk enters the foray next issue and, diversity aspect aside, the heroes on this team really seem to be gelling (with the possible exception of Superior Spidey).

Speaking of the webbed Doc Ock, he seems to be on the way to becoming a villain in his own team mag. This is obviously no way to deal with leadership squabbles on a team he knows so little about. Imagine Hawkeye or Quicksilver doing this to Cap during their squabbles way back when! Guess it will be up to Shulkie?

While I would not call this a true “Inhumanity” tie-in, the exploration of the crashed city of Attilan is intriguing. We seem to have more than one mystery going on here. Hmm …

While this book has spent its entire history thus far being a “tie in” with two events, it is in itself a very entertaining vehicle and, despite some of my dislike for Bendis’ writing on New Avengers, it does seem to be odd without Luke Cage leading a team of Avengers.  And these are fine ones!

And Baby Cage!