Review: Mighty Avengers #10 (Ewing and Land)


Writer Al Ewing gives us yet another strong, character driven issue of Mighty Avengers. I do not know how this writer has taken the modern demands of Avengers films, movie moguls, Disney officials and seemingly uncaring administrators on the high side, but Ewing has taken that in stride and has made the “events” of the day his own and this book one of the truly memorable runs on Avengers by any writer.

While little was known by many of us about the Blue Marvel, we always saw him with Uatu, the Watcher, and they seemed true friends. So it is with sadness that we see Adam on the Blue Side of the Moon with the Watcher’s widow and baby. (Apparently, Watchers do not live by observation alone, lol.) The respect this female Watcher has for Adam is tremendous, not belittling him as a lesser being and that heightens the sense of family, of warmth that lead to the Blue Marvel’s surprise new job!

Attention, writers of comics with tons of head shots: Use Mighty Avengers #10 as your bible. This is how it is done and this issue is nothing but top notch, as have all the issues of this iteration of the labeled team.

The revelations and actions of Blade (now revealed) were less interesting, but still welcome to see for all old fans of Tomb of Dracula, et al. I can hardly wait to get to know the Deathwalkers, so well has their slow burning plot been worked by

Ewing through the many “event” happenings. I recall when Roy Thomas or Chris Claremont used to introduce new menaces with much fanboy excitement on my part. That is how I feel here.

Of course, Greg Land has set new standards for superhero comics with his work here, IMHO. I cannot say enough about his storytelling and action abilities, not to mention the “character’ he packs into these underused, underappreciated characters.

Simply put: The Avengers (at least here) are mighty again!