Review: Might Avengers #1 (Infinity)

Luke Cage is back in the Avengers limelight again, and despite the smothering Infinity tie-in tomfoolery this very (very) diversified book is ripe with potential if through selection of its protagonists alone.
As is right, the spotlight falls mainly on Cage as Al Ewing focuses on what is needed in any Avengers book and is sometimes forgotten: teamwork! And while the new Spidey, the new Power Man and others wait their turn, ye old Roger Stern Avengers fans can take heart because his Captain Marvel, Monica Rambeau, is back and takes the secondary showcase in #1.
While an Infinity tie-in guarantees a certain readership, it also saddles the book with some unnecessary plot baggage that takes focus away from the characters and makes readers wonder … well, what about post-Thanos Marvel NOW?
I must say I like this gathering of characters, many of whom are faves from the ‘70s (or at least their namesakes). It will be good to see how they mix and match.
AND in an exclusive interview weeks ago, Ewing did promise me the return of Danielle … Baby Cage!
Unfortunately, while competent in the Don Heck and Sal Buscema vein, Greg Land’s art just has nothing spectacular about it. Backgrounds are sparse, faces are expressionless and action poses are stilted.
Still, Ewing overcomes the art so this is very much a recommended book.
Potential can only take a comic so far, but it is enough for Mighty Avengers #1. ‘Twill serve.