Review: Malignant Man #3 (of 4)


The premise of this book, if you aren’t familiar, is that a man seemingly dying of terminal cancer discovers that not only does he not have cancer, but that the “tumor” in his brain is actually a vastly powerful alien symbiote that gives him tremendous powers – both mental and physical. This, as these things tend to do, leads him into a world he had no idea existed full of super-powered killers and super scientists determined to rule the world. Or possibly save it. Depends which scientist we’re talking about here.

Last issue, we were given a bit of exposition regarding Alan’s origin and that of the aliens and their other hosts, before embarking on a few action scenes. The rest of the book was heavily expositive and seemed a little heavy-handed. Still, it was a decent issue overall.

The current issue is what you’d have to call the “all-out action issue” since this is a 4-issue limited series, and I imagine the fourth issue will be spent wrapping up the loose ends we’ve been presented with. While I’m not adverse to books with non-stop action, I have to say I didn’t enjoy it terribly much. The entire issue was intensely bloody and graphic, with bodies split in twain and heads separated from bodies taking center stage. I’m not sure what the writers are trying to show us with this; that the Malignant Ones are capable of great destruction? I think we already had that firmly in mind. Did they just want to indulge in a little blood lust? Could be, it just felt like this issue was rather thin on storytelling. The only new information we’ve gotten that I felt advanced the story was that Alan is not only apparently unique, and possesses both a natural inclination towards using the malignant abilities he has, but has discovered others unknown to more experienced users.

Michael Alan Nelson and Piotr Kowalski put together an interesting couple of issues and, since this is the bridge issue, I’m inclined to let it slide as I do want to know how this story ends. I think the premise was a little thin to begin with, but was impressed enough by the first issue to give it a chance. It is my hope that the final issue of this series will pull all of the various threads together and make this a story I’ll be glad to have read.