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Review: Legion Lost #10

Review: Legion Lost #10

This mish-mash of a relaunch never should have gotten off the ground, but since it did and Tom DeFalco, a good writer I have always respected, took over with Legion Lost #7, I thought I would drop back by to see how things are running.

I could barely tell I was away.

It seems this book has gotten mired by the event called The Culling along with the other DC teen-star books, and as with the other books it seems to be failing. Miserably.

I did have some hope when a new super-powered team was introduced in these pages, but their names seem generic and they have all the excitement of the old Ani-Men. Blah.

Pete Woods turned out some competent art, but it cannot elevate this train wreck any further than it did.

Altogether, these Legionnaires need to find their way back to the future – and fast!