Review: Legion Lost #1 (Nicieza & Woods)


Regardless just how "cosmic" the Legion books are, for some reason or other I have just never been able to get into them.

I've tried them countless times, but I'm not sure if it is the sheer amount of characters, or that they are mostly unknown leading to my disinterest.

While not exactly the case with Legion Lost #1, the book didn't exactly "wow" me, but nonetheless, I can state it did interest me enough to warrant another issue or two. And that is usually how my association with Legion goes, a few books – and then I am done.

Basically what happens here is the Legionnaires(?) are transported back in time to track down one of their own who threatens humanity with a pathogen. Per the title, they get trapped in this timeline and have to deal with the repercussions of that.

Nizieca offers up a whole heck of a lot of questions as we see the Legionnaires break through the "Flashpoint Breakwall," and seem to be having trouble interacting with this reality. Are they from the old DCU? Their powers are out of wack in addition to their Legion rings, which makes me think so – or at least something along those lines. And this is really where my interest lies.

Without looking back at the book, I probably couldn't recall one of the character names, but Nizieca piqued my interest enough with the ending to justify another buy. Maybe the problem I have with Legion is it always seems the setting is more interesting than the characters. As we see here, a couple seemingly meet their maker, but I found myself not really caring.

I thought the art was just okay, as well. For my taste it came off a bit too cartoonish, particularly with the "Ben 10" looking creature that caused all the trouble to begin with. In addition, some panels came off as confusing to look at.

I would be curious to see what loyal Legion fans think of the book. For me, I do hope it improves as a team from the 31st century stuck in the New DCU with some foreign pathogen threatening all sounds very interesting to me.