Review: Last Of The Greats #1


Similar in respects to Kirkman's Invincible, Waid's Irredeemable, Millar's Superior – and of course Superman – this book sees humanity struggling with their very existence, looking for a savior to set them free. However, as Superman saw one super powered individual fall under the good graces of mankind (or at least did), this book sees seven gods that aren't exactly welcome. 

These beings come to Earth in an attempt to help humanity with all their woes; cure the sick, feed the hungry, shelter the homeless. However, they make the fatal mistake of trying to disarm the world. This causes mankind, or at least the capitalist war machine, to fear them, which in turn leads to the demise of all but one.

The Last Of The Greats.

I'm not sure, and I found this confusing, but the issue opens with a terrorist attack taking place on September 11th in China with a plane crashing into some kind of strange looking building. Was it meant to be some kind of monument (obelisk?) or something? Regardless, I got the gist of it as it was responsible for killing one of the seven. However, why 9-11 and why China, I'm still lost on.

We flash forward to today where a group of scientists are confronting "The Last" in his "Fortress Of Solitude" set in the South Pole. Seems an alien fleet has sets their sights on Earth, with intent to invade. And now the humans have their tails between their legs and are begging "The Last" for help. Turns out, this guy warned his fellow Greats that the humans wouldn't accept them, as he despises all the world (but then why is he here?!). The humans plea for help, explaining how wrong they were, now swearing their allegiance to the last of the Greats, who is, shall we say, not the most benevolent off future would-be saviors. At the end, we are witness to a twist, which to be honest, I found predictable.

The issue I felt was drawn out as a majority of it is just explanation, just dialogue between this "Last Of The Greats" and the humans begging for help. There are some super feats as the last of the Greats makes known his displeaure with the humans. But it's basically: Humans with all their faults come off as being very childish, very ungrateful to the higher beings that unite the world – or attempt to. Now that there is an outside alien threat, and the humans have bit the hands that fed them, this is what they justly deserve. 

While I don't think Al Gore wrote this, there is a bit more to it than just spreading the wealth, as the last of the Greats has an agenda all his own which leads to more than a few intriguing questions. However, we'll save those for next issue to see if any of them are addressed.

The art, overall, was decent. There wasn't a lot of detail or action scenes, as the script didn't call for that, but it was clean, easy to read and perfect for this type of story.

While overall, this is really nothing new, I would say if you enjoy these uber powered types of stories and characters, as I do, The Last Of The Greats is right up your ally. See you next issue!