Review: Justice League Dark #23 (Trinity War, Part 5)


Everyone is always saying comics are not fun anymore. Well, whether or not you have been following the Trinity War event, its penultimate chapter, this week’s Justice League Dark #23, is, as they used to say, fun for all!

While Jeff Lemire has the grudge job of fitting the characters of all three teams in the DCU bearing the name Justice League into one issue and assuring correct motivations, emotions and voices for them all (which he does with reasonable success here), it is artist Mikel Janin who brings us the real fun as all these characters battle in great page designs, in slobberknocker fashion!

One of the surprise stars of this show is Frankenstein, and anyone who read the beauty of Lemire’s Frankenstein: Agent of SHADE can understand why. Just great dialogue amid the bops and pows.

Some fun scenes for longtime readers as well come up: the great Zatanna throwing a whammy on the Savage Hawkman (who looks at his best here), Shazam battling Stargirl … just wonderful stuff that makes an avid DC reader’s investment in these characters worthwhile, even pre-52.

As I said, the art follows suit perfectly with Lemire’s well-paced script. I will be really curious to see what follows in the closing chapter of Trinity War, for as far as I am concerned this has been the best of the lot.

Great read. Great fun!

What more could you ask from a comic book?