Review: Justice League of America #7

JLA #7, the fourth chapter in the Trinity War event, sees our characters mixing it up in a great fight scene and, overall, there is much more action than previous issues.
That’s about it, unfortunately.
As a chapter in a larger whole, this book would be the break you take to the bathroom; in a movie, it would be the popcorn 15 minutes.
Writer Geoff Johns has had some really good moments in this event so far, many of them with Superman and the Martian Manhunter, but when the war is over and the secrets of Pandora’s Box solved, JLA #7 will not be very big in the reader memory bank.
My favorite character this time around is the Atom who is really struggling with her betrayal of the Justice League. She may be my favorite character in this war thus far, except for Supes and J’onn.
Once again, the new JLA has never looked so good with artist Doug Mahnke and his Greek chorus of inkers putting some fantastic fight scenes together. There are, oddly enough, some individual character flaws throughout (anyone else think J’onn looks like Batman) but nothing that hurts the story. 
JLA #7 is not a bad book, but as a chapter in Trinity War it is one if its weakest.