Review: Justice League of America #2



Geoff Johns continues to use Steve Trevor as his eyes and ears as he brings alive the U.S. government’s own covert super-team which may someday be charged with taking on the original Justice League – a deed so covert, it is made very plain that not even the members of the JLA (except maybe Martian Manhunter,  cuz you can never be too sure about him) know this.

There is some very good character work here by Johns as the beginnings of the team come together at their obligatory large meeting table, getting to know each other. Great bits between the innocent Vibe and Star Girl as well as Vibe and Hawkman. I will confess, Vibe is growing on me and I do not even read his book.

Of course, unlike Trevor, I am wondering how much we can trust the sly Ms. Waller. After seeing her with Trevor and some of her other appearances (especially with the writer Mr. Jones) I am wondering how much of her plan is even known to Trevor? This group reminds me of Marvel’s Freedom Force when it was all criminals and run by Val Cooper.

And why, with Hawkman and Katana as members (and Catwoman as an unofficial member), would the President of the United States be caught in a news conference recommending them as a force for good, even if it is past election time?

Well, Matt Kindt answers that swiftly for us in the well-done back-up Martian Manhunter feature. It is a great little bit of espionage and some second-guessing, even though you know the Manhunter is around somewhere; he is narrating! A very cool feature that IS a companion piece in truest form.

Of course, in the main story David Finch’s art is its legendary self, launching this group on some good terms as he has at other times. A feast for the mind and eye.

I was not sure if I would keep reading JLA after the first issue, but I admit it. I am hooked and intrigued.