Review: Justice League #7


Finally, we get to see the Justice League in operations in our new universe TODAY, and are they the media darlings of the nation (shades of Dark Reign)!

Of course, in all this, our heroes are still heroic, and that is what worries some. All of a sudden, without spoilers, the world of the New 52 seems to be taking on the depressing air of Marvel’s Squadron Supreme with a little Brian Bendis Mighty Avengers mixed in.

I seriously hope this does not turn into one of those government-sanctioned heroes vs. outcast heroes debates with your pal and mine, Steve Trevor, caught in the middle. And what would be worse would be our heroes starting to be politicians over the amazing heroes and public institutions they were “five years ago,” lol. (Listening, Batman?)

While I am intrigued by Geoff Johns’ take on League, I just do not want to be bogged down in politics (I live in the capital of my state) while alien-smashing and interplanetary space adventures are shoved aside with yesterday’s DCU.

Jim Lee and his legion of inkers are missed, but I much enjoyed Gene Ha’s turn at League and the adventure itself, national politics aside, was wonderfully told. Kudos to Ha for filling some mighty big shoes!

Also notable this issue was the reteaming of former Action Comics creators Johns and artist Gary Frank, who bring us the New 52 debut of a rather obnoxious Billy Batson and the tales of the hero now called SHAZAM!

Johns said it would not be your daddy’s Captain Marvel, and that could not be truer. Still, the initial adventure is enjoyable as we delve into the life of what is essentially a new creation with familiar surroundings.

The main motivator for me, as Johns as said, is that this, like the Pandora featurette in #6, will all curve back into the main Justice League book — and that is how a backup should be, IMHO.

Listen, if you were among those few who didn’t latch onto this bandwagon in September (and if so why not?) and the coming of this new incarnation of the Justice League, this is your second opportunity. Take it!