Review: Justice League #22


Geoff Johns has gone from writer to puppet master, as he begins with Justice League #22 to pull together all the strings he has cast since the very beginning of the New 52.

Fans have complained because the history of this new DCU is virtually unknown: what has really occurred, what did not and how did it occur differently than we read. A binder was needed to bring all the great individual characters of this “universe” together, and two years ago on a Free Comic Book Day the answer came with the revelation of the coming Trinity War event.

That day is here, Pandora (who literally appeared in every #1 issue of the New 52 books) has her own series (as does the Phantom Stranger) and the Question (third member of a certain Trinity) is back as well, all now interacting with the world.

Justice League as a prelude to all this drama, bringing all the bodies Justice League toward a central stage, is not a bad issue. Far from it. Framed as it is, we are able to go backward and forward in time, see little hints here of what is left to live for at the war’s conclusion, how Billy Batson causes a global incident his first shot out of his backup, and yes, Superman and Wonder Woman together as usual (whew).

Johns does a great job with this issue telling about four or five separate stories; strangely, it has the feel of that FCBD offering in an expanded text.

Of course, Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, Oclair Albert and Rod Reis do a stunning job on this issue’s art, so any of Johns’ images that may be hard to follow are spelled before your eye in luscious illustration. Great job by all.

This is a great beginning to what I hope will be that binding force the New 52 has needed. Will it be worth all its hype of the last two years? You yourselves will decide that with your wallets.