Review: Justice League #13



The 13th issue of the New 52 Justice League had the flavor of a Silver Age Avengers mag, where the characters were acting like – how else can I say this? – themselves and were really functioning as a team. That smile of Wonder Woman toward the end of this Cheetah-centric tale said it all!

But what really took me by surprise was guest artist Tony Daniel, who grabbed me on the splash page with that Supes/ Diana kiss, then choked me silly with that double splash on Pages 2-3 of Wonder Woman and the Cheetah in battle and he never let go.

I want to say I really missed the great Jim Lee on this issue (and I did), but this was no mere feat of guest artistry, no measly fill-in on the talented Daniel’s part. A writer as well as an artist, Daniels and his inkers, Richard Friend and Batt, interpreted this script from writer Geoff Johns brilliantly and brought out not only the “super”-ness of the relationships herein, but also gave a damn good background story for the New 52 Cheetah, why she means so much to Diana, and the true horror of that last page just cannot be believed, even if the foul deed was happening to an iconic character!

The backup, by Johns, CBN fan fave and former cosmic artist Brad Walker, and inker Drew Hennessy take the character who has been the heart and soul of this book – Steve Trevor – and follow him as he goes from low man on the totem to no man, and then see as one Oliver Queen arrives to save the day … and maybe Trevor’s life, who knows? This is one love sick dude!

The backup will take us right into the debut in a few months of the New 52 Justice League of America with Green Arrow, Martian Manhunter, Trevor and some other favorites.

Since its six-issue origin story has finished, Johns, Lee and now Daniel have been cooking with gas on this title. This is a flagship book that truly lives up to the hype, with spin-off titles like Team 7 and the coming JLA keeping things so interesting.

To those naysayers of the reboot, at least this section of it is working just fine, thank you!