Review: The Intrepids #1



Co-Creator/Writer: KURTIS J. WIEBE

Co-Creator/Pencils/Cover: SCOTT KOWALCHUK

Publisher: IMAGE

Release Date: March 2nd, 2011


With the recent success of The Walking Dead becoming a televised hit series, and books like CHEW and Hack/Slash selling out left and right, Image Comics has brought new light and talent to independent comic book storytelling. So of course, the company has expanded their line-up with a new, bolder series of comics — one being the science-loving spy-thriller: The Intrepids.

Before this issue starts, the forward gives us enough info on the cast that the reader should not get lost. Plus, as an added bonus, it gives us a fun little brainteaser of a “find-your-way-out maze,” which I feel sets the tone/mood of this book very nicely – to be fun and smart.

Right off the bat, this book throws us into the heart of mother Russia in a sequence that gives off a Cold War, James Bond-esque shoot out feel.  Each character has their moment to shine and shows us readers exactly what kind of people we’re reading.  Also, any writer that has a bunch of science nerds duking it out with a cybernetic-enhance killer bear is ok in my book!

The art style for this book has a 70s retro look to it, and really goes well with this type of story; it’s like the Archie gang meets Johnny Quest.  The coloring is top notch and one can tell the tone shifts between the flashbacks and regular time.  

All in all, not to jinx it, but Image Comics has themselves another major hit with The Intrepids.  The story is borderline absurd at some points, yet still grounded in a realistic fashion.  The art is beautifully done, and the readers will really feel connected with the characters after just one issue.  Science is the name of the game for this comic — and it’s a heck of a thrill ride.  Bottom line if you haven’t picked up this opening issue, your really missing out on 2011’s newest spy/science adventure.